November special missions!
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31st Oct 2014

Good reason to play as many days as you can in November:

Daily: Earn 5000 XP - get 2 small repair kits  (maximum of three times per day)

Get the Daily 3 times: get 2 small repair kits, 2 small first aid kits, 2 manual fire extinguishers (once per day)

Get the above for 25 days: 25 large repair kits, 25 large first aid kits, 25 automatic fire extinguishers, 3 garage slots

There's more:

Win your battle after having damaged at least 1 enemy vehicle, tier X, no 7v7 battles, not 1st win: double xp

Win your battle and damage at least 1 enemy vehicle, tier VI - VIII, 7v7 only: +20% xp

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